You’re The Worst, Sunday Funday Review

Kether Donohue You're The Worst

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You’re The Worst, I stated before is the best new comedy of the season, and I meant that. But what it lacked was a bit of characterization from the clichéd-supporting cast. Last week’s episode managed to break the surface of that ever so slightly, which was a great start, but not quite good enough. Edgar (Desmin Borges) was still the weird soldier with PTSD and a drug habit and Lindsay (Kether Donohue) was the overbearing best friend with a ton of bad habits. Sunday Funday managed to make the Jimmy and Gretchen (Chris Geere and Aya Cash, respectively) relationship, which has been a primary focal point of the show thus far, a secondary story element woven into and around the arc of the underdeveloped characters. While the episode wasn’t a highlight, it surely was a huge leap toward something I would like to see more of: The quirkiness of Edgar and Lindsay.

To help them rid the stress of the impending Monday, the gang decides to partake in an act of Sunday Funday; they go around and accomplish a list of goals to reduce their stress and whatnot. Gretchen confesses to Lindsay about her stint with Ty and his gesture to fly her to TriBeca for the film festival. Lindsay is an anxious mess dreading the future with her milktoast, dull husband. And Edgar tries to deal with a foe that may or may not have plagiarized his Sunday Funday plans.

While the episode was shot with a keen eye for style, there wasn’t much style or grace that made You’re The Worst so special before. There are still some great one-liners, courtesy of writer and creator Stephen Falk, but there was enough room to leave for some heavy handedness in the arc for Jimmy and Gretchen. The eggs and pancakes moment at the very end was too artificial to feel believable.

The revelation in this episode is Gretchen finally admitting to seeing a future with Jimmy, which pushes the show over the will-they-become-a-couple hump. Jimmy’s jealousy (if you want to call it that) also indicates to something more in they’re relationship than just casual sex and awkward public appearances. They’re finally realizing that they’re falling for each other, though in their own twisted way. I just wish it didn’t have to come down to an egg or pancake decision; who could chose but one?

I feel that Stephen Falk is using Lindsay for a much grander purpose than what we’ve seen. Last week we saw a possible relationship unraveling between her and Edgar and this week she runs of at the sight of her husband holding a baby (to be fair that was a damned ugly baby). Other than her disdain for her husband and pushing Gretchen to make the right decision, she’s just seems like the show’s Lindsay ex machina.

Hipster’s aren’t my cup of tea and it’s nice to see them being taken down a peg, for once at least, amiright? Edgar’s arc this episode was delightful. His showdown with Thomas Middleditch was exciting and presented a whole new side to Edgar besides his normal pouting and depression. Unlike last week where he went up against actors and came out the loser, his victory seemed all the sweeter when he held his head up high in victory, rocking the sunglasses from Drive like a boss.

Sunday Funday was indeed a fun episode but there’s still a hump the show has to go over and it’s the not-so-subtle directions and the supporting cast. Falk’s interpretation of Lindsay shows signs of wanting to break through her chrysalis but she’s just not quite there.

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Some things to consider:


•Phil Collins all the way.

•Thomas Middleditch’s character was a 90s villain whom couldn’t let go of the past.

•Gretchen finally admitting that she sees a future with Jimmy made my ears perk.

•Now that Jimmy and Gretchen are [un]officially an item, what does that make Ty?

•Don’t make me hate Lindsay before I start to like her.



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