Welcome To The New Site

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I have been using the lazydogfilms.blogspot.com site for about a year and a half and it had personality.  As you know, personality goes a long way.  I wrote for that site with the best intention of having my work seen by many but instead it was seen by a handful and I was excited for every new view every other week.  I thought I was making it with twenty-three views a month.  But my plan, as of late, is to move away from the 23 views a month to 23,000 views a month.  That still may seem small but I have to start somewhere and work my way up.  This new site is that change.

LazyDog also has an official twitter page and facebook fan page that you guys can follow and like, respectively.

Another big change to the site is this:

The link to the iTunes Podcast page will be updated on the side bar of the site soon.  Also, subscribe to the LazyDog YouTube channel.  There’s no content on that yet but it will be occupied pretty soon.

Speaking of no content, you will see that there are menus and drop-down menu options to click on.  However, there is no content on most of them.  Don’t worry, those will be filled soon.

I hope you guys enjoy the changes.