The Nine Best Super Bowl Movie Trailers

Independence Day: Resurgence From IMDb

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Super Bowl 50 Logo. From
Super Bowl 50 Logo. From

The Super Bowl was amazing, right? I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch much football and I really didn’t watch the game for the actual sports. I, like technology illiterate old folks, didn’t watch any of the commercials released before the game so I could invest all of my time hooked on the ads. While the ads may have been far better than last year’s, this year had its studs and duds.

What started as a top ten list quickly evolved into a nine best movie trailer commercials. Twelve films had trailers during the big game, one of which was a huge surprise. X-Men: Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, and The Jungle Book were just some of the few films to show off some new footage in just 30 second increments.

Not all spots were great, however. Some boomed with excitement while a couple barely made a thud. So let’s run down the list starting with worst to best.


  1. jungle bookThe Jungle Book

I’m sort of excited for this live-action version of the beloved animated Disney classic. When the first teaser debuted late last year to an eerie, menacing tone, I was filled with intrigue that Disney may do something much more grim and less cheery or chipper. Director Jon Favreau stated the film would be closer to the original in tone but I was naïve and still believed what I wanted to believe. So, when the 30-second spot came on I was disappointed.

Not only is the film much less grim than what we saw, the voices for each animal is jarring. Christopher Walken doesn’t seem to fit as King Louie, even though in theory it should. Everyone in the cast has this same problem. Everyone’s voices sound unnatural, like their coming from a studio. Chalk that up to the sound mixing being incomplete, I guess. If only Disney had the balls to a silent version of the film with animal roars and grunts, instead. I would have to wait to see more footage before the April 15 release date.

  1. Alice Through the Looking Glassalice looking glass

Now it’s starting to get good. I didn’t like the Tim Burton remake of Alice In Wonderland so I’m not that excited for the sequel. Johnny Depp is too quirky for my tastes and Burton, whose known for his weird, daring style, seems to be playing it completely safe. Instead of Disney’s Alice, Burton’s take on American McGee’s Alice would have been the ideal decision.

Through the Looking Glass’s trailer is cut exceptionally well, showing us almost everything to be marveled. You have Depp at his Depp-est and Burton at his most safest Burton-est. Except, the sequel is directed by James Bobin, known for directing both recent Muppets movies. We see that everyone is back from the original from Anne Hathaway to Helena Bonham Carter. While not a bad trailer, I’m not interested. No, you’ve been gone too long, Rickman.

  1. tmntootsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I think the Michael Bay-produced Ninja Turtles film wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was. I found it quite charming and full of personality. For some, the quick, witless humor weighs very thin, so I could see why the film received as much hate as it did. Out of the Shadows is dead set on trying to right the wrongs of the first film. By introducing Bebop and Rocksteady, fans of the original 90s cartoon feel like they’re being treated like royalty.

With news that Krang would be the villain of the film, many had their minds blown clean off. The first trailer didn’t give us much besides Bebop and Rocksteady and, of course, mad scientist Tyler Perry. In the Super Bowl ad, we seem to be getting more of the same in terms of the turtles fighting at the top of a rooftop, but that shouldn’t hurt the films reviews, since the film would like garner negative reviews. But we do get a good look at Krang and a bit of his fighting prowess. Overlay that with Beastie Boys, and you have me very excited.

  1. Independence Day: Resurgenceid42

I’m neutral about ID4-2. I didn’t really like Independence Day as much as everybody else but the film is still required viewing for anyone wanting to pop in a film for July 4 weekend. ID4-2 has been on everyone’s minds for years, ever since the first film was released, filmgoers were clamoring for a sequel or two. Despite Will Smith’s character being declared dead in the films marketing, the film looks extraordinary. The first film was special effects heavy but many of the memorable effects were done in-camera.

While Resurgence could have practical effects we haven’t seen much of that except for computer-generated ships flying over entire cities or, like in the Super Bowl spot, lifting the entire city of Dubai into the sky only to use it as a weapon. It’s CG heavy but the act of destruction trumps all. Seeing Jeff Goldblum in those commercials is a delight but seeing him in the middle of alien destruction is going to be awesome. Add that with bearded Bill Pullman and the Burj Khalifa being used as a torpedo and ID4-2 is going to be a treat for the eyes.

  1. deadpoolDeadpool

The film is coming out this Friday and critics are actually receptive. Deadpool, which stars Ryan Reynolds, is based on the irreverent comic book character your annoying and “cool” kids love. He’s a parody character based on DCs Deathstroke but has since turned into one of the beloved characters in print since his debut in the late 1980s. Since the news broke that Ryan Reynolds was going to return to the big screen with a more accurate depiction of the character, fan rejoiced and some may have even shed tear of joy.

20th Century Fox has been on a roll with the marketing campaign for the film by releasing Deadpool material that makes fun of the past X-Men films as well as various other promotional material that ranges from self-checking for both men and women, to celebrating Australia Day. With about four trailers released, there hasn’t been a lot of footage released, if you compare that to other superhero films. Much of the same material has been rehashed with entirely different dialog dubbed over, meaning director Tim Miller could surprise us with something fresh the day the film is released. The Super Bowl spot is no different from many of the other trailers, rehashing the same material with re-dubs over certain scenes except DMX’s X Gon’ Give it to Ya isn’t bumping in the back.

  1. X-Men: Apocalypsexmen a

Since Deadpool is being reintroduced into the X-Men universe, we have to wait until after X-Men: Apocalypse to see him interact with the rest of the Mutant team. The sixth official X-Men film, Apocalypse brings forth tons of destruction and a cast of new actors. Since the ending of Days of Future Past, fans were drooling over a young En Sabah Nur constructing the pyramids of Egypt with his mind with such ease and grace. When the role was official, casting the likes of Oscar Isaac to play the Mutant, fans couldn’t have been more excited.

Despite some fans calling foul when they saw the cover of that Entertainment Weekly, which made Apocalypse look more like a Power Ranger villain than an evil Mutant, the trailers have done a fantastic job of showing off Isaac as menacing as possible; and it’s working. The first trailer to come out didn’t show as much as I wanted, keeping some of the much bigger events out until the theatrical release in May. Then this Sunday, some fans got to see Psylocke, played by Olivia Munn, in action for a few seconds, which was all some people needed to see to get excited. Other than that, the trailer was reusing the same footage over again.

  1. cpt america civilCaptain America: Civil War

Civil War might be the most anticipated film of the year Captain America: Civil War is the first film of the year in Marvel’s line-up to come out, with Doctor Strange coming much later. Pitting two fan favorite characters against each other is always exciting to see, like Batman versus Superman, Sub-Zero versus Scorpion, Hank Schrader versus Walter White, just to name a few. Here, Marvel is looking to the comics for inspiration, adapting the Mark Millar comic of the same name that debuted ten years ago.

The big screen adaptation of Civil War is jam-packed with the Marvel universe’s best, while also introducing us to the debut of the film version of Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman. The initial trailer did a great of setting up the story while also playing with some fan’s emotions [not mine, I’m a strong minded person]. The Super Bowl spot showed off some very new footage including Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes firing a missed headshot at Tony Stark. If that wasn’t enough to get fan’s adrenaline going, the final two shots of the opposing line-ups did it. If you look closely, you could see Ant-Man’s newest suit, which I won’t speak highly on. I’ve been burned before by Marvel but I still want to see this. Look out for this in early May.

  1. 10 Cloverfield Lane10cl

This film came out of nowhere. 13 Hours, that Benghazi movie really came and went but what was left behind was the fantastic teaser trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane that us Cloverfield fans didn’t expect but totally deserved. The teaser didn’t give much about the film but rumors swirled and fans speculated about every minute detail in the background, including the puzzles and the Eifel Tower. What do they all mean? Some fans think they know.

If you haven’t been to the film subreddit, you’re missing out on what made the first film such an immersive experience. The big game spot gave us some new footage while giving fans more stuff to speculate about. What is that light? Is it a helicopter floodlight, a giant angler fish, or a giant John Goodman with a flashlight? We all have to wait for one more month.


  1. the martian 2Jason Bourne

I knew this film was in production but I had no idea we would get a trailer during the Super Bowl. Sorry Jeremy Renner but Damon is Bourne. Simply titled Jason Bourne, the fourth film in the Matt Damon series (fifth if you count the Renner Bourne flick) looks like it’s beginning a new trilogy of Bourne this time with Tommy Lee Jones as his pursuer. Everything about this teaser harkens back to glory days of The Bourne Ultimatum.

Damon is older, bigger, and angrier than ever before. That Vegas chase looks like a huge sequence fit for the big screen, and that one hit knockout is just glorious. Not only did we get to see an action packed 30-second spot, we also got an official title. While The Bourne Legacy was supposed to set up an Aaron Cross/Jason Bourne sequel, I’m ok with just Damon. If Renner comes on board in the near future, I’ll be okay with that. Until then, I’ll be re-watching the entire Bourne franchise until July 29.