‘Silicon Valley’ ‘The Blood Boy’ Review – With Belson Gone, Will The Boys Be Able To Deliver?

Silicon Valley The Blood Boy Review

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Silicon Valley The Blood Boy Review

Written by Adam Countee

Directed by Tim Roche

Richard Hendricks: Thomas Middleditch

Gilfoyle: Martin Starr

Erlich Bachman: TJ Miller

Dinesh: Kumail Nanjiani

Jared: Zach Woods

Jian Yang: Jimmy O. Yang

Big Head: Josh Brener

Monica: Amanda Crew

Laurie: Suzanne Cryer

Gavin Belson: Matt Ross

Russ Hanneman: Chris Diamantopoulos

Bryce: Graham Rogers

Mia: Phoebe Neidhardt

Gavin Belson has left to find himself, whatever that’s supposed to mean. But what does this mean for the Richard, Gilfoyle, Jared, and a now unemployed and single Dinesh? Belson leaving, signing over 100% of the patent to Richard spells success and trouble for Pied Piper. With no funding from Belson, it’s going to be difficult for Pied Piper to get funding with Richard leading the project. Yet, with Belson gone and Richard owning the patent, the Pied Piper crew could continue developing their app and a peer-to-peer internet without interference.

A Public Rollout?

What the public is expecting, however, is a joint venture between Richard and Belson. Will this add to Richard’s negative credibility seeing where he was just five episodes ago?

Titled The Blood Boy, Richard experiences some degree of leadership trouble with the introduction of Bryce. Bryce, whose sole job is to act as a blood bag for Belson, nearly sabotages the soft launch of Pied Piper. The Blood Boy revolves around Bryce and Richard struggling to fight for Belson’s ear.

Set up an obstacle early in the episode, Bryce’s introduction is cut short. In fact, this season – just five episodes in – feels like it’s not moving anywhere. Richard’s story aside, Monica’s relationship with Laurie has reneged with an invitation to join Laurie and her newest venture capitalist firm.

Running on a Treadmill

Expectations were high with the premier episode. After five episodes, these characters are nowhere near the goal they set out for themselves in the premier episode. 

We’ve seen Richard in nearly the same exact situation three times this seasonFor each step forward he takes, he is pushed back two. Writer Adam Countee could insinuate a stop-go problem in the world of tech — being met with struggles and opposition is inevitable in the Valley. Yet, we’ve seen the opposite occur for Big Head and Jian Yang, though for comedic effect.

It seems like the writers were unsure where to take these characters so they compromised, working in everyone’s idea for an episode.

I’m not dissatisfied with Silicon Valley as the entire cast share a great chemistry that is nearly absent from most other shows. Plus, Zach Wood’s and TJ Miller’s comedic timing are almost perfect.

Mia’s apprehension by the FBI could spell trouble for Dinesh and Pied Piper for the remainder of the season. Betrayed by her boyfriend she could enact revenge on Dinesh by sabotaging his work or jeopardize Pied Piper, forcing Richard to start anew once again.

Pied Piper Moving Forward

Unhappy with the way Richard handled CEO duties, Dinesh and Gilfoyle — the most vocal about Richard’s incompetence — eagerly rejoin with him in his latest venture. Even after blank stares and thoughts that he might be losing his mind, Dinesh and Gilfoyle seem to share no qualms about their decision. 

Where does this leave Erlich? Will Richard use Erlich’s intelligence for public releases? Something tells me the palapa could re-enter the story somehow. 

Richard’s less than stellar public reputation puts the company at risk for not receiving any funding from a reputable venture capitalist fund. Next episode’s preview shows Russ Hanneman returning. Without a doubt, Russ would help fund the project but what would Richard have to give up to do so?