An Interview with Film Composer Megan Cavallari

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LDP-24After a long hiatus away, I came back and now I’m back stronger than ever. After learning that I have a brain tumor, I stepped away from the site to gather myself and to work on my recovery. As my first time back I sat down with Megan Cavallari, a film composer with an extensive résumé. She spoke highly on every project she worked on, including some upcoming projects she has in the pipeline. She graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York and serendipitously met with acclaimed film composer Danny Elfman and collaborated on several films including, Shrunken Head, Dolores Claiborne, and A Nightmare Before Christmas. She eventually found her own footing, composing for films in her own including winning multiple awards, such as the Yip Harburg award.

But don’t take Megan’s humbleness and her petite size as a joke, her passion beyond music lies in ice hockey and enjoys playing in a men’s pickup league. She truly was a wonderful person to speak with and speaks with passion and verve about her work with her foundation called The Talk. It’s a long episode so sit back, grab a hot cup of coffee, and listen.



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