‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘You’re The Worst’, ‘Fargo’ Discussions – LazyDog Podcast 22

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In a short episode of the LazyDog Podcast, Silva discusses some of the shows he watches including You’re The Worst, Fargo, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Despite being really unique, can Crazy Ex-Girlfriend manage to do something that isn’t clichéd? Yes, the show is smart and witty and delivers on some great performances, but Silva wonders if the show is headed down the same territory as other rom-coms that are way too easy to predict.

Silva also discusses how The League‘s final season feels like a disservice to the fans of the show. With the show ending in just six weeks, the show still hasn’t managed to address the finality of the show, instead delivering the usual crass jokes.

Also, Silva discusses how disappointed he was in the season 2 finale of The Strain and how much he hates Zach. That and all more in LazyDog Podcast 22.



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