PODCAST: Should Ben Affleck Play Batman?

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He's the hero Boston needs, not the one they deserve
He’s the hero Boston needs, not the one they deserve

Ben Affleck was recently cast into the role of The Dark Knight for Man of Steel 2 or Batman VS. Superman. Many people are up in arms over the whole ordeal and rumors are that Christopher Nolan and his wife and producing partner Emma Thomas walked away from production. Many speculate that their walking away was fueled by the rather odd casting choice of the Boston native to play Batman. However, I feel that it may be just one small piece in a multi-pieced puzzle. For one, Man of Steel was critically slammed (I for one enjoyed it very much), and many put the blame on writer David S. Goyer.

No one at this point knows what the story of MoS 2 is and it could be that Nolan and Thomas are at odds with the executives over how the story should be handled. Could MoS 2 be much worse than the first? What could be wrong with the pre-production that the best thing behind the Superman reboot has decided to leave? My guess is that both parties want to focus more on Interstellar, which is filming now.

But I want to speak about Ben Affleck as Batman. I recorded a podcast many days earlier speaking about the odd choice. Spoiler Alert: I’ve come to.