Phil Spencer talks up “upgradable” Xbox One

Phil Spencer, Xbox one

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Phil Spencer made headlines during the Xbox Spring Showcase event in which he talked about the future of consoles and the likelihood of having upgradable components. What does this mean? The man in charge didn’t go into much further details but did state that the differences between console gaming and PC gaming has been shrinking over the years and that by Xbox one owners being offered hardware upgrades it could allow consoles to keep up with emerging and competing technologies.

On one side I think this is a good idea. The thought on allowing console gamers to keep up and hang onto the consoles a bit longer than the current trend is a good one. This will allow us to maintain an upward swing on graphics and processing power, while not having to shell out for a whole new system. On top of that I feel that, completely my own opinion, this will also open up the door for more cross platform games as power increases to run these consoles.

On the flip side I personally do not PC game as much as it can be expensive to constantly be upgrading and tweaking the system. Also, games that may easily be released for one or both consoles may now take longer as with PC software. This is because while the specs for the Xbox and Playstation may be similar enough that a broad patch could work, specs like on a PC could be VASTLY different; how many different kinds of video cards are on the market that the game needs to be able to run for?

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Overall I think this, if done right, will be a big up for the console market and bring a bit more continuity between the two groups. We will have to see as this continues to expand on what Spencer means for upgrades, especially since you can upgrade to external hard drives for more space on the Xbox and also making sure the prices are not outrageous for the upgrades.



2 thoughts on “Phil Spencer talks up “upgradable” Xbox One

  1. If this did happen, for someone being an Xbox One owner, I wouldn’t see anything wrong with it. The processor for the One, when it released in 2013, was inferior to that of the PS4’s. If Microsoft allowed for the system to be upgradeable, then that would open the possibility for allowing developers to allow setting for graphical power, like what almost every game on PC has. With consoles being the system for a general audience, developers really have to hit a middle ground when it comes to having their games being accessible. If you have the graphical power on the One, then you could run Far Cry Primal at 60FPS in 4K while everyone else is running the game at 900p. I think that option of upgradeable hardware doesn’t effect people like me who just want to pick up and play, it’s meant for people who care about the superficiality of specs, graphics, and resolution.

    1. I agree and am very much on the side of the fence that I am a pick up and go player and don’t really take that much stock into needing to run my games at “4k 9kFPS ultra mode”. It doesn’t really appeal to me that much, however, just the option is great. The flexibility to do that if you really wanted to is something I can get behind.

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