Gamer Review: Rust

rust, game, review

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rust, game, review

Rust is a post-apocalyptic massive multiplayer online game (MMO) with one goal in mind – survival. Everyone and everything in this game is out to get you. The wildlife such as bears and wolves will kill you, falling from high elevations will kill you, starving will kill you, the cold will kill you, other players most often than not will kill you and long exposure to radiation will kill you. The player awakes in the middle of field naked with no supplies other than a rock and a torch. One has to create everything from a fire to fend off the cold, and a shelter from the harsh environment.

I started playing this game in order to test my survival skills and realized I had none. However, I did enjoy attempting to survive. There are no goals or organized bad guys to fight, unless you count other players. I learned early on to believe the saying “don’t trust strangers”. Some players will kill you outright upon sight, or create raid groups with the sole intention of finding and killing sleeping players to steal supplies and gear. The most sneaky and devious players will “help” you by giving clothes or gear then trail you home purposely to kill you and steal from you. It is definitely every man for themselves.

Rust is still in the testing stage and there are some glitches that need to be worked out. I found this game very entertaining and fun even when dying repeatedly. The action of using stones to chop down a tree for wood or hunting a wild boar and killing it with a stone was oddly rewarding. Although I cannot see myself actually doing these actions in real life I enjoyed it while playing. One of the downfalls in this game is that there’s no tutorial; from the beginning you are truly on your own. Once you learn how to craft and build it is very easy to make your own fortress or shack. Quick tip, make sure you don’t build your home to obviously or it will be raided by the other players. Don’t make the same mistake I did and be so clever that you hide it from yourself. Even with the glitches, evil players, and very hostile environment this game is additively fun.



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  1. I immensely enjoy Rust. I am more about the surviving and building aspect rather than attacking and pvping, but Rust is so much fun. Getting together with a few friends, building up a decent sized placed and able to defend it, it is so much fun! We have had our share of grief from people who just want to run around and destroy, but those moments are what really set Rust up to shine, despite my dislike of those.

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