Discussion Topic: Remakes. Should they be done?

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Ok, everyone, since Martin Scorsese is going to be remaking his own film,  I would
like to know if remakes are necessary when it comes to your viewing palette.  To
listen to my opinion just listen to the last ten minutes of the 9th episode of my podcast, 
Come On Our Movies.
The questions based on the topic are as follows:
What is the purpose of a remake?
What films should be remade, if any at all. Is it appropriate for directors to redo
their original material?
Should first time directors have the opportunity to take on such a task?
What films should be untouchable in terms of a remake or a reboot?
When is it appropriate to remake or reboot a film or franchise?
Does the quality of the remake depend on who stars and directs or the studio and
the producer?
Can the same be said for sequels?
What film should have the (dis)pleasure of being remade or rebooted?
Who should star/write/direct?
I look forward to reading your posts.



2 thoughts on “Discussion Topic: Remakes. Should they be done?

  1. Honestly, I’m getting tired of all these reboots/remakes that Hollywood is throwing out in cinemas. Granted, I have enjoyed a remake here and there, but for the most part, it’s a cheap way for studios and writers to make money. I don’t see why filmmakers feel the need to tell the same story again. Originality has begun to take the back seat in the movie business.

    I wish this trend would die out, but with how well these remakes do at the box office, it won’t die out soon. I could understand if the original director wanted revisit his original material, but if the studios are going to bring in a whole new cast, writer, director, etc., they need to bring in a new name for the movie as well. For instance, look at the recent remake of “The Karate Kid.” In my opinion, the original film was phenomenal and needed no revisiting. Hollywood disagreed. They took the original source material and completely butchered it, and then put a recognizable name on the film. I was outraged upon viewing the initial trailer for that film, and even more so when I gave the film a chance.

    I want this trend to stop and for film writers to work on original material again. However, I don’t want the trend to stop before the Robocop remake comes out. Even if the film is horrible, a classic like Robocop could benefit from modern CG capabilities. If it is anything like the original film, the action alone would be worth my ticket price.

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