An Interview with Director Ken Feinberg – LazyDog Podcast 25

LazyDog Podcast 25. An interview with director Ken Feinberg.

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LazyDog Podcast 25. An interview with director Ken Feinberg.
LazyDog Podcast 25. An interview with director Ken Feinberg.

Have you ever wanted to act when you were younger? I don’t mean it’s out the realm of possibility to search for an acting class, or course, enroll, and begin taking part in long life dream. Growing up, many of us had aspirations of becoming one of the rich and famous actors we saw on TV and in the movies. Many of you might have wanted to be a firefighter or a cop, which isn’t too far removed from reality to actually happen; take a test, complete a physical, run through a course, wait months to get a call back, and you’re doing your civic duty. With acting, you seem so far removed from it that it almost feels like an impossibility. It feels like the only people who become actors are the people living in California and New York.


Director Ken Feinberg is doing just that for the children in the Atlanta area. Feinberg founded the Creative Studios of Atlanta where young children wanting to act would get the opportunity to act in short films. Many of the young actors even “graduate” to larger productions, such as The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games and some continue to act years after graduating Creative Studios. Feinberg himself has directed and produced over 100 productions, most of which are Creative Studios Shorts. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ken about his involvement with the Studio, his extensive IMDb credit list, his work as a stuntman in Hollywood early in his career, and working with Eric Roberts.

Ken’s interview begins at the 18:40 mark.